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NorthEast Qualifier

Team Registration - Team Check In

Team Check In

Attention Coaches:

The second referee must be a rostered adult for all age groups

All teams are required to check in before they participate in the 2019 Under Armour Northeast Qualifier

Remember for the NEQ:

Coach Must Present Roster at Each Match:  At Check-in, you will receive one of the printed /signed rosters, which will become your "official" roster.  The coach must present this roster to the Match Official at the beginning of every match, and keep the roster with them throughout the tournament.  NOTE:  If the coach does not have their roster with them when match official requests it, coach must obtain another copy of the roster from the Championship Desk – which will cost $10 payable at that time.

Please read all the directions below for the current 2019 process!

Check in dates, times and locations:

NEQ 1 Philadelphia

Team Check In: Friday April 12, 4:00-9:00pm
Late Team Check In: Saturday, April 17, 6:45am-12 Noon
Location: PACC Room 303B

NEQ 1 Gaylord

Team Check In: Friday April 12, 4:00-9:00pm
Late Team Check In: Saturday, April 17, 6:45am-12 Noon
Location: Outside hall C

NEQ 2 Philadelphia

Team Check In: Thursday April 18, 4:00-9:00pm
Late Team Check In: Friday, 19, 6:45am-12 Noon
Location: PACC Room 303 B

NEQ 2 Gaylord

Team Check In: Thursday April 18, 4:00-9:00pm
Late Team Check In: Friday, 19, 6:45am-12 Noon
Location: Outside hall C

No teams will be checked in after 12:00pm on the first day of play.

Player & Staff Credentials: At Team Check In, the Team Representative is issued credentials for each player on the roster up to 15 and each staff member up to 3 coaches. These credentials are included as part of the Team Registration fee – there is no extra charge for them.

Staff members listed on more than one roster receive only 1 credential for the event.

All credentials must be picked up at one time by the person checking in the team.

COACHES – Please REMEMBER to issue your players a credential before you ask them to meet you inside the playing venue. Players who do not have a credential WILL NOT BE ALLOWED into the playing facility.


Enter Competition Results: In order to complete seeding of the event, all USA Volleyball-sanctioned competition results should be entered in AES by Monday, April 1, 2019 for NEQ 1 and Monday, March 8, 2019 for NEQ 2.

Review Your Roster: Make any necessary roster changes, additions, or deletions. No handwritten changes of any sort are allowed on the Team Roster Form. Your roster must pass validation in AES in order to print a Team Roster Form. If your printed roster is correct, you should be ready for Check-In.  You may need to edit several areas in order for the roster to pass validation. Information about editing can be found below.

Team & Coach Requirements: All persons listed on a team roster must be registered with USA Volleyball through their Region. All coaches on the Team Roster Form must be, at a minimum, IMPACT certified. All adult coaches listed on the Team Roster Form must have a current background check through their Region.

Make Sure You Have Valid USAV Numbers: You must have a valid USAV Team ID and USAV number for each rostered person - all players and coaches. These numbers should be verified in AES prior to Check-In. Contact your Region to get these numbers if you do not have them. Players and/or coaches WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the event unless this is completed.

Add or Remove Players & Coaches: Roster changes can be made up until the last minute before you go to the Team Check in Desk.

Double Check Uniform Numbers:  A player's uniform number MUST match the number on the signed roster.  Players will not be allowed to change uniform numbers during the event.

Edit Player & Coach Information: Changes and edits to individual members information (i.e. membership type, graduation year, coaching certification level, membership expiration date, etc.)can be made up until the last minute before you go to the Team Check in Desk. 

Print the Team Roster Form: Registration/Check-In Staff will print two copies of your roster – both MUST be signed**.  Do not bring a printed roster with you unless it is for your own use.

Complete the Team Check In Form at Check-In: Fill out the required information on the bottom of the form. This information is very important to have accurately completed. Sign the form. Your signature verifies that all of the information listed on the roster is ACCURATE & COMPLETE.

Information on Submitting False or Incorrect Information: Penalties may be enforced by the event for submitting incomplete or incorrect information on a roster including a player's age or USAV number. All players participating must be on the roster.


Find a Computer: Access a computer (i.e. tournament station, hotel business center, FedEx Office, etc.) and use the instructions above to correct your roster BEFORE coming to Team Check In.

NO changes are allowed to the roster once a team begins play