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NorthEast Qualifier

Spectators - Spectator Admission

Spectator Admission

In Philadelphia at the PACC, each hall will have its own street level entrance into the building and the specific playing hall.  Once inside the uilding, you will not be able to access other halls without exiting the building.

  • Hall A – Courts 1-8
    • Entrance – Market St. between 11th and 12th St. and the Marriott Hotel
  • Hall B – Courts 9-14
    • Entrance – 12th and Arch St. West
  • Hall C – Courts 15-20
    • Entrance – 13th and Arch St. East
  • Hall D – Courts 21-26
    • Entrance – 13th and Arch St. West
  • Hall E – Courts 27-32
    • Entrance - Broad St. Atrium

There will be one main entrance at both the Oaks and York facilities.


  • Spectators will be allowed to enter approiximately 30 minutes prior to the start of each wave.  Please see the page for each individual location for details.
  • Each entry, Spectators need to present their individual assigned QR code and a corresponding photo ID in order to enter

  • Spectators will have a separate entrance from players and coaches