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NorthEast Qualifier

NEQ 2021 - Philadelphia


Pennsylvania Convention Center Protocols (updated 3/30/2021)


The PACC is controlling entrance into the Convention Center from street level. The doors will not be open until the times listed below for Friday and Saturday. If your teams and parents come to the Convention Center early, they will not be allowed into the building.

Also, before waves 2 and 3, each hall must be emptied of team and then cleaned proper to allowing people into the halls. This may cause a delay in opening the halls for the next wave. For waves 2 and 3, each hall will not open any earlier than the time listed below, and may open up later. We will open the halls for teams as quickly as we can.
Wave 1 - Doors at 7 AM
Wave 2 - Doors no Earlier than 11:30 AM
Wave 3 - Doors no Earlier than 4:15
On Sunday, we must also regulate the capacity of each hall.  Teams will not be allowed into a hall until teams from the previous games are leaving.  We have spread out the start times to allow more time before teams must enter.  Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your early morning matches on Sunday, and please be patient as we work to follow the city guidelines.

As we prepare for the 2021 Northeast Qualifier, we have worked very diligently with the convention centers and the health departments to be able to put a plan in place to host this event.  Due to the restrictions placed on us by the city and state, the NEQ 2021 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center will look different than it has in the past.  Required changes have been instituted to promote social distancing and a safe event.  Should further changes be required before the start of the NEQ, we will communicate them as soon as possible.

These guidelines pertain ONLY to the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  As the other facilities are outside the City of Philadelphia, they are subject to different restrictions and guidelines.

Playing site- Pennsylvania Convention Center

Each hall in the PACC will be self-contained and will have its own entrance and exit from the street level.  You will not be able to get from one hall to another.

Updated for week 2

  • Hall A – Courts 1-8
    • Entrance – Market St. between 11th and 12th St. and the Marriott Hotel
  • Hall B – Courts 9-14
    • Entrance – 12th and Arch St. West
  • Hall C – Courts 15-20
    • Entrance – 13th and Arch St. East
  • Hall D – Courts 21-26
    • Entrance – 13th and Arch St. West
  • Hall E – Courts 27-32
    • Entrance - Broad St. Atrium

Mingling and "hanging" out will not be allowed.  Once a team has finished playing for the wave, they will be required to immediately exit the building.  

All attendees (athletes, staff, and spectators) will be required to be facial masks at all times within the Center.  Exceptions for players only are if they are eating and drinking and must remain 6 feet apart while doing so.  Athletes will be required to wear masks while playing.

There will be no food stands open in the convention center.

Outside coolers, signage, and food will not be permitted.  Water bottles, personal hand sanitizers, and personal disinfectants are encouraged to be brought.

Courts will be spaced out much more than usual.  As per the guidelines set by the city, seating will not be provided for the event.  Spectators are able to bring their own seating.    Spectators will only be allowed in designated areas around the court, and social distancing must be followed.

Admission and Spectators

All people entering the facility will have to wear some type of face covering, whether it's a mask or face shield, without exception.  Those who have medical or other reasons for not wearing a mask will be able to watch the events via "Be The Beast" live streaming service on their own personal devices outside of the facility.

At this time, Philadelphia will be allowing 1 spectator per participant on each team up to 12.  Teams will be limited to 12 players, and 3 coaches.  (updated 3/11/2021).   Anyone not a player, coach, or club director will need to purchase a ticket to be allowed in.

Club Directors will be provided with codes to purchase spectator admission for the event.  They will receive 1 code per participant on a team.  This code will be needed to purchase spectator admission in advance of the event.  All spectator admission must be purchased on-line, and no on-site sales will be available.

Spectator Admission will open the Monday prior to the start of each weekend.  Codes will not be provided directly to parents or spectators.   Spectator Admission is purchased for a specific person for the entire 3-day event.  The ticket can only be used by that person and is non-transferrable.  ID's will be checked at the entrance ensuring the ticket is associated with the proper person.

Any staff, player, coach, or spectator who is above 65, anyone of any age with an underlying health condition or a compromised immune system, or anyone who has any specific concerns about COVID exposure is advised to not attend.

Any staff, player, coach, or spectator who has any of the below symptoms will not be allowed to enter:

-Temperature above 100 degrees
-Sore throat
-Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
-Muscle or body aches
-Loss of taste or smell
-Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

Anyone who has a pending COVID test should not enter the facility until they receive the results.

Anyone who has been around anyone who has tested positive for COVID in the last 10 days will also not be allowed to enter.

Coaches and Club Directors

Play Modifications

Pool play in most circumstances will be 4 teams played on 2 courts.  This will eliminate the use of a work team or an "off" team from standing around.  Wave times will be also shorter in this situation.

Teams will need to provide 2 personnel for line judging and/or table duties.  These do NOT need to be on the roster.  Non-rostered personnel will be required to complete a waiver form for participation.

Tie-breakers will be eliminated, except in the case that a 3 way tie can NOT be broken by head to head, sets, OR points.

For waves starting after the initial 8 AM wave, teams will not be allowed in more than 25 minutes early.

Teams will not switch sides between sets (or in the deciding 3rd set).

Teams will not shake hands before or after matches.

All coaches and players will need to wear a mask at all times, including during play.

During matches if players or coaches are not wearing their masks appropriately the referee will verbally remind them to do so.  Repeated behavior may be sanctioned with team delay sanctions.

Courts and halls will need to be vacated after waves are finished.

Warm up balls must be provided by the teams.  The event will not provide these this year.

Awards will be boxed up and handed out.  There will not be a picture area for the event.

COVID Protocols

If a player is confirmed COVID positive at the event, the Health Dept and/or event will remove the player and their team from the event and go through tracing protocols to determine other notifications and removals.