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NorthEast Qualifier

NEQ 2021 - Covid Safety Plan

Covid Safety Plan


Effective March 15, 2021

Event management places the highest regard to your experience in Philadelphia, Oaks, and York during the 2021 Northeast Qualifier. As such, it is the responsibility of all participants to understand and adhere to the safety protocols determined by the event. It is important to understand best practices are being put in place for your safety as well as others.

NEQ will follow guidelines set in place by the Center for Disease Control and Preven&on (CDC), the state of Pennsylvania, the city of Philadelphia, York and mnontgomery Counties, and the Pennsylvania Convention Center (PACC), as well as other local regula&ons regarding COVID19 safety practices. It is important to note the NEQ Safety Plan of Action will be modified up till the dates of the event if guidelines set in place by the above change.


The information listed below is not intended or implied in any way to be a guarantee against possible exposure to COVID-19 or any other infectious diseases during attendance at the event. All those in attendance voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and other infec&ous diseases.

Face Mask Protocol:


All attendees (athletes, staff, and spectators) will be required to be facial masks at all times within the Center.  Exceptions for players only are if they are eating and drinking and must remain 6 feet apart while doing so.  Athletes will be required to wear masks while playing.

During matches if players or coaches are not wearing their masks appropriately the referee will verbally remind them to do so.  Repeated behavior may be sanctioned with team delay sanctions.

NO EXCEPTIONS will be accommodated. If you cannot wear a mask for personal or other health reasons, please do not attend.

Non-compliance with event Safety Plan will result in being escorted out of the venue, revocation of tournament ticket, and possible match forfeiture.

If you are attending the NEQ, please note:

  • Anyone with risk factors should not attend
  • Those exhibiting symptoms or signs of sickness or have been in contact with known positive cases should not attend.
  • Be willing to abide by all event policies and procedures in the Safety Plan of Action

Attendance Limits:

Due to overall capacity limits in the facilities we are using, regulations have forced us to limit spectators in accordance with local regulations and to enable contact tracing.

  • PACC - 1 spectator per rostered athelte, up to a maximum of 12
  • Oaks - 2 spectators per rostered athlete
  • York - 2 spectators per rostered athlete
The same spectator must be in attendance each day, as the tickets are non-transferrable.

Medical Evaluations:

  • Anyone who presents signs of illness will be asked to leave the venue immediately
  • If a player or coach is determined to be a person of concern by our medical staff, the associated team will be disqualified from further par&cipa&on.
  • If a spectator is determined to be a person of concern by our medical staff, they and their party will be asked to leave and not return to the venue.


  • Recommend that athletes share hotel rooms with their family members rather than teammates, if at all possible.
  • NEQ hotels have commiSed to a comprehensive and thorough cleaning and sanitizing process of rooms and common areas to meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning.
  • Anyone exhibiting signs or symptoms of illness at the hotel should separate from their team and not enter the playing facility.
  • Visit your individual hotels website to get more specific information.

Spectator Admission

Ticket Sales:
  • Will be limited to on-line purchase option only, no cash accepted at the venue 
  • Individual email/phone will be required for each adult ticket holder
  • No paper or printed &ckets – only digital formats will be utilized

Admission Process:

  • Seperate street-level entraces for each playing hall will be utilized in Philadelphia.  Please see the Philadelphia Information for details.
  • All facilities will ahve seperation between Spectator and Player/Staff entrances.
  • Start times will be staggerred to reduce the number of people entering the building at the same time.
  • Spectators will only be allowed to enter 30 minutes before the start of play.
  • Teams and Spectators must leave the venue immediately at the conclusion of play.

Spectator Seating & Behavior

  • Approved areas for seating will be marked for social distance
  • At the PACC, seating WILL NOT be provided at the order of the city.
  • In Oaks and York, limited seating will be provided
  • All spectators are able to bring their own seating
  • Tradition of changing sides for each set will be eliminated
Spectators are
  • Required to sit or stand only on their side of their own team 
  • Not allowed on or behind the players bench
  • Should leave the court unless their daughter's team is playing
  • Encouraged to clap or use noise makers instead of yelling

Play Modifications


Pool play in most circumstances will be 4 teams played on 2 courts.  This will eliminate the use of a work team or an "off" team from standing around.  Wave times will be also shorter in this situation.

Teams will need to provide 2 personnel for line judging and/or table duties.  These do NOT need to be on the roster.  Non-rostered personnel will be required to complete a waiver form for participation.

Oaks and York:

Pool play in most circumstances will be 4 teams played on 1 court.  Work teams will be provided ion the traditional format

 All locations

Tie-breakers will be eliminated, except in the case that a 3 way tie can NOT be broken by head to head, sets, OR points.

For waves starting after the initial 8 AM wave, teams will not be allowed in more than 30 minutes early.

Teams will not switch sides between sets (or in the deciding 3rd set).

Teams will not shake hands before or after matches.

All coaches and players will need to wear a mask at all times, including during play.

During matches if players or coaches are not wearing their masks appropriately the referee will verbally remind them to do so.  Repeated behavior may be sanctioned with team delay sanctions.

Courts and halls will need to be vacated after waves are finished.

Warm up balls must be provided by the teams.  The event will not provide these this year.  Warm up ball must be shagged by the team warming up.

Awards will be boxed up and handed out.  There will not be a picture area for the event.

Athletic Trainers

In order to minimize congregation and to ensure the safety of both our athletes and medical team, services will be provided only for acute, on-site injuries and medical emergencies. 

The medical team will not be available for any preventative taping or icing. Please develop a contingency plan for chronic injuries (ankle instability, jumper's knee, shoulder soreness, etc.) by utilizing ankle/knee braces and the hotel ice machines or reusable ice packs. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Athletic Trainers and EMS will be present at all locations for the NEQ.