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NorthEast Qualifier

Hotels - Stay To Save

Stay To Save

For any questions and concerns that are not on the Northeast Qualifier website, please contact us at em2housing@em2housing.com or 1-800-603-0917 between the hours of 8am to 5pm CST Monday through Friday. Any messages will be answered within 24 hours. Please do not call the hotels.

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What is Stay to Save?

A policy that requires all teams and attendees to book their hotel rooms through EM2 Housing in order to compete in the tournament. The housing department negotiates discounted rates at the best hotels in the area so that registered participants can attend the event for a low price. By booking a room through EM2 Housing, you not only get the best deal on a hotel room, but you also help lower the costs of tournament fees for everyone.

How do I know that EM2 Housing will get me the best deal?

The Housing department continually runs rate integrity checks during the tournament dates to ensure that the contracted hotels are meeting their obligation to provide the lowest group rate on the rooms specifically available in Advanced Event Systems (excluding employee/government/AAA/AARP rates and prepaid booking).
Why are some hotels not in the block?

EM2 Housing is willing to work with most hotels in the city. The primary reasons that a hotel would not be available are:

  • The hotel did not submit a bid to the Convention & Visitor's Bureau.

  • The bid that was submitted had a rate that was too high for the hotel's product or location.

  • The hotel safety standards/location did not meet the expectations of NEQ. For example, exterior corridor hotels (meaning that access to rooms was from the outside and not through an interior lobby and/or hall).

  • The hotel was unable to offer the room types that teams need (double-bedded rooms or king with sofa sleeper rooms).

  • The hotel would not agree to the terms in the contract required by EM2 Housing.

How many rooms do I have to book to be accepted into the tournament?

Each team is required to book a minimum of 5 rooms  with a 2 night minimum stay. These 5 rooms can be made up of team rooms (where players are staying in a room together), coaches' rooms, and/or parents' rooms.

Team room totals are based on each individual team and not on a club basis, so the specific team that you are booking for must be selected when making the reservation. Therefore, if a club is entering 4 teams into the tournament they must book 5 rooms per team, for a minimum of 20 rooms, each with a 2-night stay.

How do I book rooms for my team?
If this is your first time booking for Northeast Qualifier, please follow the Instructions for Booking a Room.

Hotel List and Reservations will be available on December 1, 2020.

If your team is considered local (tournament site is within 60 miles from where your team practices), you are exempt for housing requirements. If you do want to make hotel accommodations for the tournament, you must go through EM2 Housing.