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NorthEast Qualifier

Schedule & Results

Schedule & Results

Start time of the last match on the last day

We always get the question "When will the last match start on the last day of the tournament?"

We try to schedule the last match no later than 2pm on the last day.

Keep in mind, that due to the competitive nature of these matches, it is not uncommon for a court to be running behind schedule.

Below is the wave schedule.  Play schedules will be released in the week prior ot the event.

AM Wave - 12 Nat, 13 Open , 13 USA
PM Wave - 12 American, 13 American

NEQ 1-Gaylord  Schedule and Results >>
AM Wave - 14 Open, 14 USA
PM Wave - 14 American, 14 Select

NEQ 2-Gaylord  Schedule & Results >>
AM Wave - 15 USA , 15 Select
Split - 15 American

NEQ 2-Philly  Scedule & Results >>
AM Wave - 15 Open, 16 Open, 16 USA, 17 Open, 17 USA
PM Wave - 16 American, 16 Select, 17 American, 17 Select

AM wave starts at 8:00 AM, PM wave starts at 2:30.

A team's wave may change for day 2 depending on a team's finish on day one.
As always, this is only the first day "starting" schedule.  Division formats, and results of the first round, will dictate when a team will play again after the first round.
 Play schedules will be posted the week prior to the event on advancedeventsystems.com